base URI: /api/core/site/query/

The list of accepted functions and its descriptions
operation API endpoint available JSON presets description of accepted input keysrequired_keys
base URI=/api/core/site/query/
help /api/core/site/query/help/
list /api/core/site/query/list/ default |   dict |   cloud, columns, coreenergy, coreenergy_on, corepower, corepower_on, country, country_code, datapolicies, ddmendpoint_state, ddmendpoints, draw, email, emailContact, fsconf, grid_flavour, has_notification, has_proxyconfig, id, infoURL, is_direct, is_pledged, last_modified, latitude, length, longitude, maxdiskio, maxdiskio_on, name, network, networks, node_state, order, pandaqueue_state, preset, presources, psconf, rc, rc_country, rc_site, rc_site_state, rc_site_status, rc_tier_level, rcsite, site, start, state, status, tier_level, timezone, vo_name country, country_code, ddmendpoint_state, id, name, network_asn, node_state, pandaqueue_state, rcsite, site, state, status, tier_level, vo_name json, json_pretty